Hozoviotissa Celebration

Παναγία Χοζοβιώτισσα στην ΑμοργόA great religious monument, not only for Amorgo Island but for Greece too, is Virgin Mary’s monastery called “Panagia Hozoviotissa”. As it is built at the south side of the Island, in between the wild rocks, visitors can obseve it only from the sea. The impressive monastery is aged from the early years of Byzantium. The located area is not easy for access to visitors.

The monastery which is founded at about 10th century, took its name from the icon of Virgin Mary’s which is located inside the monastery. According to history, a man from Palestine (named Hozovos or Hozovas) brought the icon of Virgin Mary’s in Amorgos Island.

Inside the monastery which is a unique architecture building because of its special location within the rockς and the exceptional inner paths (narrow paths, arches etc.) monks keep a great number of church treasures, like Byzantine icons, ambries, manuscripts gospels and other valuable objects.

Monastery celebrates at November 21st and visitors can eat food and the traditional sweet called pastel.


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