Amorgós, GR 24 C
July 17, 2024


by the beach

Welcome to Aquapetra

Aquapetra hotel is located in St Pavlos gulf, only 5 klm from Aegiali port, 15 klm from Katapola port and 9 klm from Chora (main land), the capital of the Island, and has a great view to Nikouria Island.

History of Amorgos

During ancient years Amorgos was called Pagali, Psychia, Karkisia and Melania.
Historical findings show that first people came in Amorgos during the 5th millennium B.C. Archaeologists found out that during the 3rd millennium there was a development of Cyclades Civilization.
Later Amorgos has population from Milito, Naxo and takes part to the 1st alliance with Athens. In between 3rd and 2nd century BC Amorgos belonged to Macedonia, Ptolemians, Samo, Rhodes, and Romans.
As an Island it was a target of Saracen pirates and the citizens were afraid so they hide in the Castle, Kastri place or the other 23 towers of the island. During the period of iconoclasm, Hozoviotissas’ holy icon is coming from Palestine. At 1088 Alexios Komninos renovated the Monastery in order to honor the Holy Icon.
There are many architectural monuments on the island as samples during the Venetian period, such as Gavra Tower, Kato Lakkos.
During the Ottoman period Amorgos has economic peak and regeneration.
At 1822 Greece is starting all over again and in Amorgos is constructed one of the first Greek schools by Monastery expenses.


Amorgos is not really famous for its long sandy beaches but for the small coves with sand or pebbles and turquoise waters.
In Katapola you will find the beaches Maltezi and Plakes, both accessed by boat leaving from the pier in the port.
In Aegiali you will find Aegiali beach, Levrossos and Psili Ammos.
Close to Aegiali, there’s Aghios Pavlos beach from where you can take the boat across to one of the beaches in the islet of Nikouria.
Near Chora there’s Aghia Anna beach, famous from the film “Le grand bleu.”
In the south part of the island you can find the beaches of Mouros and Paradisia.
And also Kalotaritissa beach from where you can take the boat across to the islet of Gramvousa with one of the most magnificent beaches in Amorgos.

Sights to visit


The visit to the Monastery of Panaghia Chozoviotissa is truly one of those experiences you carry with you for the rest of your life.
The monastery is perched on the rocks, 300 meters above sea level. It was built to house the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, which mysteriously arrived on the shore below from Hozova, a city in Palestine, during the 9th century. The Byzantine emperor Alexius Comnenus I officially founded the monastery in 1088 AD.

Ancient Sights

Some of Amorgos’ most important sights are undoubtedly Aghia Triada’s tower in Arkesini and the ruins of ancient Minoa on Moundoulia hill in Katapola.
The tower dates from the 4th century BC. and is considered one of the most important monuments in the Cyclades.
In ancient Minoa the visitor can see parts of the walls of the city, the gymnasium and Dionysus temple dating back to 4000 BC.